Canada is one of the few countries in the world that welcomes thousands of immigrants to its soil every year. Citizens from various countries in the world aspire to get a chance to come to Canda to live and work here. The propelling economy of the nation and the advanced lifestyle of Canadians makes Canada an alluring nation for people from underdeveloped or developing countries. 

Canada Immigration Lottery Program

If you are someone who adores the idea of getting into Canada, you must be aware of Canada’s various immigration options. Among the many choices of immigration programs, you must have heard or read about the Canada Immigration Lottery Program. This is one of the most hyped immigration programs in recent times. Most people who wish to immigrate to this beautiful country do not know the facts about this immigration program. 

In this post, we are going to disclose the secrets of this super hyped immigration lottery program and make you understand what it really means for you.

What exactly is the Canada Immigration Lottery Program?

To tell you the truth, there is no such lottery program in Canada

Let me describe this fact in detail. 

There are two aspects to this fact.

1. This lottery program is a hoax created by scammers to rip off ignorant people.

A lot of people who do not know about visas and immigration go to agents or search for information online. If they approach a fraud agent, they are ripped off their money. If they look for information online, they come across scam websites which promise to offer them visa in return for a certain sum of money. Once the money gets transferred, they realize that they have been ripped off.

2. People assume the Express Entry Program to be a lottery program.

Quite strangely, the Express Entry Program is often referred to as a lottery program. The reason for this could be the way this program works. 

For those who do not know, the Express Entry Program is an immigration program aimed towards bringing more skilled immigrants into Canada. 

The Express Entry program allows options for immigration to Canada through three sub-categories.

👉 Federal Skilled Workers Program(FSWP)

👉 Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP)

👉 Canadian Experience Class(CEC)

What is the Express Entry Program?

The Canadian Express Entry is an immigration program for people who wish to come to Canada for various reasons. It came into existence during the year 2015. In order to immigrate to Canada through this system, you need to create an Express Entry Profile online. The profiles are then assessed on several factors ranging from education, age, work experience & more.

During this Express Entry Draw, the Canadian Government sets a minimum Comprehensive Score for each candidate. This score is arrived at after evaluating various factors. Invitations are sent out to selected candidates after this evaluation. In a way, it is a selection of a few from a lot. Based on this concept, a lot of people refer to this program as the Canadian Immigration Lottery Program.

What are the various ways to immigrate to Canada?

There are many ways to immigrate to Canada officially, which have been mentioned below:

The Skilled Worker Immigration

Business Class Immigration

Family Class Immigration

Canadian Experience Class

International Adoption

Provincial Nomination

Quebec-Selected Immigration

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